By Tanner Jones

Updated Aug 30th, 2012

The Top Ten Cool iPhone 5 Cases of 2012

As of right now, we don’t have a current list of cool iPhone cases because the iPhone 5 hasn’t been released yet!  Apple doesn’t release any official specs on the iPhone 5 so any iPhone 5 accessory at this point and time is just a guess.  However, for the time being, we can list the top ten coolest iphone 4 and 4s cases.

PS – the iPhone 5 should be announced on September 12th and released September 21st so be on the lookout in late September for cool iPhone 5 cases to emerge.

1.  The Coolest Cases on Zazzle

1a.  The Hipstr Nebula 4s Case

Most people love the starry, outer-space feeling of this iPhone case.  And by most people, we mean, if you’re a geek who could stop talking about the Mars landing, or you know that xkcd doesn’t stand for anything, or you have an opinion on Pluto being demoted, then you are most people.  The Hipstr Nebula case costs around $60 dollars, but can be purchased from for $44.95.

1b.  The Funny Mustache Pink Polka Dot Case.

So you can’t grow your own mustache but you want to make sure that you still fit in with all of your hipster friends?  Have no fear!  This case will make your coffee-drinking, indie-band-loving friends appreciate you, and it will probably just confuse your parents.  Just what you were looking for, right?  You can get it on Zazzle for $39.95

1c.  Honey Badger Don’t Care iPhone Case

This case doesn’t care that it made this list.  Frankly it doesn’t care that you are even reading this.  The Honey Badger Don’t Care case might even hate you.  What’s that you say?  You don’t care either?  You’re a match made in heaven!  I think you should get it, but I know what you probably think of my opinion.  Get it at Zazzle for $39.95.

2.  The Coolest iPhone Cases on Amazon

2a.  ZeroChroma White Teatro-S Case

This case has a stand.  You can’t sit there and tell me that’s not cool.  Because a stand is freakin’ awesome.  And let’s be real, it gets annoying to constantly hold your phone when you’re watching youtube videos or some other brilliant use of time on your phone.

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