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An online gambling site called RoxyPalace recently polled 800 of its male users, asking them this, “Would you be celibate for 1 month, if it meant getting your hands on the iPhone 5 two weeks early?” The results were not that shocking: 1 in 11. Considering that the group polled weren’t exactly all Apple-fanatics, I wonder how the results would differ if a website like Macrumors or 9to5Mac were to ask their readers? Here’s a snippet of an article about… → Read More



 It’s long been rumored that the iPhone 5 would feature In-Cell technology. It’s also long been rumored that the iPhone 5 would be much thinner than its predecessor, but most people cited the alleged revamping of the Li-Ion battery as what was to account for this rumored thinning of the device. Now, some brilliant humans are saying that not only will the iPhone 5 feature an In-Cell display, that this is why the thing’s going to be so… → Read More


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It’s almost universally agreed upon now that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled on September 12th, and hitting the shelves on September 21st. But hey, here’s a cool thing: You’ll probably be able to preorder the thing the day it’s announced. Here’s Tech 2 with more: “Commenting on the preorders, the report by iMore states, “A couple of weeks ago iMore reported that Apple would be holding their iPhone 5 event on September 12, 2012. We’ve since learned… → Read More



We reported earlier on some rumors floating around concerning a photo of a screw that surfaced the other day on the web supposedly depicting what would be the screws used to hold together the back plate of the iPhone 5. This would allegedly make the iPhone 5 increasingly difficult to home-repair, and from the get go, many were weary of the photos and thought them to be a hoax. Well, apparently they are. Here’s Apple Insider:… → Read More


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The great and swell folks over at Terra.com have made a list of “5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Smartphone or Tablet for Business,” and they are, more or less, the issues of portability, ease of typing, battery life, daylight-compatibility, and need to take pictures/record video. Here’s an excerpt of their article: “Poor battery life is the downfall of most mobile devices, especially ones with large, bright touch-screen displays. At a recent online security event, a… → Read More



There’s been a lot of concern/speculation/rumor-spreading/blogging/general pants-pooping in the months surrounding anything and everything iPhone 5-related. And in the wake of this, hundreds of blogs with iPhone 5-related URLS have popped up on the web (ours included) to cover news related to the dang thing in hope of getting in on the ‘mad SEO-grab’ and ‘get mad hits’ and G-money payouts (Google Adsense payments). One of these blogs has stood out in its successes: NewiPhone5News.com. And… → Read More


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